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Vancouver – Temporary Shelters

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Vancouver, like many large cities has to solve the problem of  homelessness.  I have been documenting over the years, the types of temporary structures people create to live and sleep in.

New York – Finding People

Tallulah4491sTallulahMartianBruno4505sTallulah4339s Tallulah4360s Tallulah4387s Tallulah4524S TallulahNewYOrk4367s TallulahNewYork4430s TallulahNY4391s TallulahNY4419s TallulahNy4444s In New York for a week,  I managed to set up a few portraits and conversations for the World People Project. Very happy to come across Martina Bruno the Angel of New York,  photographed her singing at Columbus Circle subway and a portrait session outside St Patrick’s Cathedral on Madison.

Colombia – Soacha


Scotland – Beaches


Vancouver – Stills from the documentary – Mightier Than the Sword

The first day of filming for Roberta Staley’s documentary: Mightier Than the Sword: The Emergence of Female Afghan Journalists and Filmmakers and their Impact on Gender Perceptions in Afghanistan. (This project is being supported by Simon Fraser University.) The interview is with Afghanistan born, Vancouver raised journalist  Mozhdah Jamalzadah with her mother Nasrin Jamalzadah.