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Vancouver – Revealed by Tallulah (some new prints)


Thoughtful and unique gifts help build meaningful relationships that last forever. Vancouver based photographer Tallulah has created a series of black and white images of memorable Vancouver scenes. These are the perfect gift for a client visiting Vancouver or a person who is moving into a new home or just for you.

Archival photographic prints are framed 16”x 20” signed and with a certificate of authenticity $350.00

Archival photographic prints are matted 10”x 10” signed and with a certificate of authenticity $85.00


Siwash Rock, Vancouver


Totem Poles, Stanley Park, Vancouver


Koret Building, Vancouver


Hotel Europe, Vancouver

Vancouver – V6A + Oppenheimer Park

Homelessness in Vancouver, British Columbia is a crisis that has worsened dramatically in the past decade. Hundreds of homeless have been forced to take refuge in Oppenheimer Park in the Downtown Eastside — the nation’s poorest postal code — at the juncture of Powell and Cordova streets. Here, people cobble together temporary shelters using tents, tarps and umbrellas. At night, hordes of rats emerge, looking for food. Despite the appalling living conditions, there is a sense of community; people look out for and help one other. This Dickensian spectre is backdropped by the stunning incongruity of glass business towers and multi-million-dollar condominiums rising high into the sky meres blocks away.

Hastings, UK – Shoes with Terry de Havilland.

Projects in the past and current projects merging! A few years ago I was invited to the home of cobbler/ shoe maestro Terry de Havilland and his wife Lizzie – who lived in the seaside community of Hastings! The stories that were shared and the shoes – exquisite – daring and seductive! I had a few hours of photographing and was hoping to come back and visit Terry again for the World People Project by Tallulah. Sadly he passed away this year and so I thought I would share some of the images. The most iconic silhouette, the Margeaux, first made its appearance in the 1973 collection – a striking three-tiered wedge originally imagined in vivid multicolour snakeskin that perfectly captured the disco era.  His first store was called Cobblers to the World and his list of clients ranged from Bianca Jagger in the seventies to designing the Tomb Raider boots worn by Angelina Jolie. 

Vancouver – Some shots from the photoshoot with Precious Chong for WPP.

Actor – Precious Chong

Actor Precious Chong agreed to an interview with the WPP – going through the images I thought I would share a few shots on my diary page. Currently, Precious co-wrote and is starring in Homewrecker a comedy/horror film. I saw it at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver and it is currently on the film festival circuit.