Vancouver – V6A + Oppenheimer Park

Homelessness in Vancouver, British Columbia is a crisis that has worsened dramatically in the past decade. Hundreds of homeless have been forced to take refuge in Oppenheimer Park in the Downtown Eastside — the nation’s […]

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Hastings, UK – Shoes with Terry de Havilland.

Projects in the past and current projects merging! A few years ago I was invited to the home of cobbler/ shoe maestro Terry de Havilland and his wife Lizzie – who lived in the seaside […]

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Vancouver – Some shots from the photoshoot with Precious Chong for WPP.

Actor – Precious Chong Actor Precious Chong agreed to an interview with the WPP – going through the images I thought I would share a few shots on my diary page. Currently, Precious co-wrote and […]

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Vancouver – VIFW (Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week)

Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week (VIFW) is a fashion show that promotes fashion and community. it connects the past, present and future of Canada. Indigenous designers such as Chief Janice George, Sho Sho Esquiro, Erin Brillion, […]

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Vancouver – Research for WPP Eric Napoleon Campbell & Nuttin But Luv Club

When I come across someone who intrigues me and I want to feature them in the WPP the research and getting to know them can take some time, as they may have a life and […]

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Vancouver – Behind the Scenes of Kushe’s latest music video.

  Some behind the scenes photographs of the filming of the music video for Kushe’s @yvonnekushe song Ngambira which means “Tell Me”. The song’s lyrics are sung in three languages Kushe’s mother tongue of Runyankole, […]

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Vancouver – “You Always Hurt The Ones You Love”

This project is called “You Always Hurt The Ones You Love” –  a series of portraits of dolls taken on an analogue 4×5 view camera and a high-quality digital camera. The dolls will be old or […]

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Vancouver – Portraits Raziel Reid author of Kens

Portrait of author Raziel Reid, Vancouver, BC Canada Portrait of author Raziel Reid, Vancouver, BC Canada Portrait of author Raziel Reid, Vancouver, BC Canada

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Vancouver – Hastings Park Racecourse

EMERGE FESTIVAL – GROUP ART EXHIBITION                                                            […]

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Vancouver – Revealed by Tallulah

PHOTOGRAPHY IS forever Thoughtful and unique gifts help build meaningful relationships that last forever. Vancouver based photographer Tallulah has created a series of black and white images of memorable Vancouver scenes. These are the perfect […]

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