Haida Gwaii – Sphenia Jones and her story

I met Sphenia Jones a few years ago and interviewed her for the World People Project by Tallulah. I called her at her home in Haida Gwaii to see how she was feeling after the […]

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Vancouver – Road Trip through the Canadian Rockies

  Images a la Sauvette (Images on the run) by Tallulah  When I was asked by a friend to join him on a road trip to Edmonton for a night of horse racing, my sense […]

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Vancouver – Orange Shirt Day

Today, September 30th, is Orange Shirt Day. This day honours the Indigenous children who were sent to residential schools and acknowledges the horrendous impact of that system that continues today. I live in the Downtown […]

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Vancouver – The Curse of Willow Song – Film Stills.

A young Asian woman, played by the wonderful Valerie Tian, is released from prison and struggles to survive the harsh reality of life on the outside. With the “help” of her friend Flea, portrayed with […]

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Vancouver – My Photo Diaries

Being a photographer when still in the world of analogue, I spent hours in the darkroom leaving me with lots of test prints and snapshots from parties and gatherings with friends. Many years ago I […]

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Vancouver – Studio Portraits with actor/musician Matina

Having an opportunity to play with my studio lights in a new studio space – I asked my friend actor & musician  Matina if she would let me take some portraits of her. We decided […]

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Vancouver – Revealed by Tallulah (some new prints)

PHOTOGRAPHY IS forever Thoughtful and unique gifts help build meaningful relationships that last forever. Vancouver based photographer Tallulah has created a series of black and white images of memorable Vancouver scenes. These are the perfect […]

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Vancouver – V6A + Oppenheimer Park

Homelessness in Vancouver, British Columbia is a crisis that has worsened dramatically in the past decade. Hundreds of homeless have been forced to take refuge in Oppenheimer Park in the Downtown Eastside — the nation’s […]

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Hastings, UK – Shoes with Terry de Havilland.

Projects in the past and current projects merging! A few years ago I was invited to the home of cobbler/ shoe maestro Terry de Havilland and his wife Lizzie – who lived in the seaside […]

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Vancouver – Some shots from the photoshoot with Precious Chong for WPP.

Actor – Precious Chong Actor Precious Chong agreed to an interview with the WPP – going through the images I thought I would share a few shots on my diary page. Currently, Precious co-wrote and […]

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